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Your CRIS-Project Team:


Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Project Management

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Franz Rothlauf


University Development

Communication and Documentation, Basis-Reporting, Grants, Doctoral Programmes

Dr. Kerstin Burck


Data Center (ZDV)

Technical data acquisition

Carsten Allendörfer

Peter Schneider (Support) +49 6131 39 39448


The University Library (UB)

Project Coordination, Publications, DSpace

Marko Knepper

Karin Eckert (Support) +49 6131 39 22450

Maximilian Herms (Support) +49 6131 39 28791

Laura Lerchner (Hiwi-Support) +49 6131 39 24707


Research and Technology Tranfer (FT)


Dr. Nikolaus Bourdos