FAQ – Data Export and Integrating Publication Lists on Websites


You can export publication lists on your overview page (on the left panel, select the "Profile" button to get there) under "Manage Publications". You have the option to select individual publications or use ‘select all on page’ to export all of the publications. You can export in the following formats: BibTex, ReferenceManager/EndNote, PDF, Word and Excel.

At the moment, all publications from Gutenberg Research Elements can be displayed on the JGU website.

Unfortunately, projects, grants, equipment and professional activities cannot be displayed at the moment. We apologize at this point and will inform you as soon as the functionality is available.

With the help of the new WordPress plugin for the websites at the university, you can have your publication list created and maintained on Gutenberg Research Elements automatically displayed on your homepage. By activating the plugin, you combine the advantage of low entry and maintenance effort for publication data in Gutenberg Research Elements with the advantage of a standardized, public display of your publication list. Multiple entry of publication data in different systems becomes unnecessary.

In addition to personal publication lists, lists can also be generated for entire organizational units and for freely selectable indicators (tags).Furthermore, different sorting options for the lists can be selected.

A more detailed explanation can be found on the following page.

If you have any further questions, please contact our support team at researchelements@uni-mainz.de.

No, unfortunately this is not possible. However, you can import the publication lists in Gutenberg Research Elements into your ORCID account via BibTeX:

  1. Click in the drop-down menu under “My Profile” → “My work” on “Publications”. Your publications will be displayed in the following window. Click on Export and uncheck “Export selected items only”. Then select the “BibTeX” option and save the file.
  2. Log into your ORCID account. You will now see an overview on your homepage. Now select “+ Add Works” in the “Works” field. Select “Import BibTeX”.
  3. Click on “Choose File” to open the file menu and select the BibTeX file(.bib). Your publications will now appear in a list. Click on "save all" to save all publications.
  4. In case you only want to transfer individual publications to ORCID, click on the disk symbol next to the desired publications to save them.

Log in to your ORCID account. On your start page you see an overview: Select in the field "Works"
select " the option „Add Works". Then choose "Import BibTeX". Click onto "Choose File" to open the
file menu and select the BibTeX file (.bib). At this point your publications will appear in a list. Click on
"save all" on the top part to save all publications. If you wish to transfer only single publications to
ORCID, click on the disk icon next to the required publications to save them.