FAQ – Grant Assignment


Grants relate to individual interfaces in MACH. To assign third-party funded projects from MACH, follow the steps below: 

  1. First call up your own profile using the “Profile” button in the left column and then click on “View all links” on the right side under “Links”.
  2. If you now click the drop-down menu “Create left” in the upper right area of ​​the new window and select “Grant”, another input mask appears. Under “Choose link type” you will be asked to select the appropriate “Link type”. In the input field under “Search text” you can search for the desired third-party funded project by title or file number.
  3. In the next step, select the project you want and confirm your selection with “save” so that it can be displayed in your profile under “Grants”.

You can create links between your publications and third-party funded projects (as well as all other objects) in the drop-down menu under “My Profile” → “Tools” → “Create Links”. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. In the new window, first select the object types to be linked under “Create links between…” → “Publications” and “... and…” → “Grants”.
  2. You can then search for the desired publication using the DOI or title by clicking on “GO” as soon as you have entered the information.
  3. You can search for the desired third-party funded project by title or file number. Once you have selected the required objects, confirm the link with “Create new link (s)”.

The information on third-party funded projects was initially only transferred to Gutenberg Research Elements via a one-time data extraction from the JGU internal financial management software MACH. Automated and regular data transfer is planned for the future.

Please note that the data in MACH have so far only been used for internal administrative purposes in the context of fund allocations and bookings and that improving the data quality of third-party funded projects in MACH is a long-term task. For more information on setting up a third-party funding account at JGU, click here.

Projects and structured doctoral programs that are not financed by third-party funds and are therefore not included in the data extraction from MACH are entered directly into the research information system from a central point. To do this, please contact our function mailbox with the subject “New project”. You will then receive an email asking you to provide further information about the project. After completion of the Gutenberg Research Elements project phase, this process should be more automated using an online questionnaire.

In addition to the “grants”, which refer directly to individual third-party funding cost centers in MACH, Gutenberg Research Elements in the “Projects” module also contains the coordinated programs of the DFG in more complex cost structures as well as the profile and potential areas of the Rhineland-Palatinate Research Initiative.

How to assign a publication to a project: 

  1. First, make sure that the desired project has been created in Gutenberg Research Elements. For this, select "Reporting" → "Search" → "System Search" in the drop-down menu. Now click on "Advanced" below the search bar. Search for the project by checking "Projects" under "System Search" → "Search criteria". Please note that currently only projects of the DFG and the Research Initiative Rhineland-Palatinate are displayed.
  2. In the second step, assign your publication to the project. Use the drop-down menu "My Profile" → "My Work" → "Publications" to access your publication list.
  3. Select the requested publication by double-clicking on it to open the detailed view. Under "Links" click on "Create links" → "Project".
  4. In the following window, select "Create links between Publications and Projects". Additionally, select "Linked to →  Anyone" under "Projects". Now click on "Go." A list of all projects will be displayed. If required, you can narrow down the search under "Name".
  5. To complete the process, select the requested project and click "Create a new link".