FAQ – Professional activities


With the module “professional activities” scientists can specify various aspects of their professional profile. These academic activities, such as working on a committee, a research project or editing a publication, can be linked to other data elements in this way and made visible on your user profile.

You can edit your Professional activities by choosing Professional activities -> "+ Add new" on your profile. The options that can be selected are listed below:

Distinction, Broadcast Interview, Committee membership, Community service, Conference reviewing / refereeing, Consulting / Advisory, Editorship, Editorial, Editorial board membership, Employee supervision, Event administration, Event participation, Expert witness, Fellowship, Grant application assessment, Institutional review, Journal reviewing / refereeing, Membership, Non-research presentation, Office held, Promotion / Tenure assessment, Text interview.

If you click on the desired academic activity, you will be given the opportunity in the new window to manually enter the necessary data for your option in the text fields.