Information on the Project

The project for the Introduction of a Current Research Information System at JGU is an interdisciplinary project involving employees from the departments Data Center (ZDV), the University Library (UB), Planning and Controlling (PuC), and Research and Technology Transfer (FT).

The project is placed with the Chief Information Officer (Univ.-Prof. Dr. Franz Rothlauf) and has been led and supported in operative project management by Planning and Controlling since March 2018.

Main project contents are:

  • Generating data
  • Technical data acquisition
  • Implementing the German Core Data Set (Kerndatensatz Forschung, KDSF)
  • Communication and documentation
  • Basis-reporting

Further information to the project schedule can be found at "How does the Gutenberg Research Elements project schedule look like?" at "General information".

We have made quick answers to common questions available in the FAQ section. The team responsible for the project will gladly help you with further questions.

à The Gutenberg Research Elements research information system is now available to all scientifically working people at JGU. In addition to professors and academic staff, this also includes administrative and technical staff. Please note that the system is continuously being developed and supplemented with new functions and databases.