FAQ – Search Tools

With the function “Reporting” → “Search” → “System Search you can search Gutenberg Research Elements for specific content, save searches and search current publications within your institution.

Enter keywords, phrases or a wildcard (*) to search elements, e.g:

  • Keyword: Nuclear physics
  • Phrase: The deconstruction of the person of Charlemagne
  • Placeholder: Stem cell* research

In the advanced mode of the "System Search" you can further restrict the search by specifying data and selecting which items to search for, e.g:

  • Publications
  • Projects
  • Professional activities

You can then choose which results you want to see:

  • Entries (as shown in the examples above), or
  • Users in relation to the entries

Finally, you can also limit the search results in Gutenberg Research Elements to certain users or groups.

To search for an entry, please use the drop-down menu under "Reporting" → "Search" → "System Search". If you know the title or file number of an externally funded project, you can enter this information directly in the search window. For a broader search, select the 'Advanced' setting. Here you can refine your search step by step and e.g. display entries for different research information. Don't forget to put a checkmark next to 'Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz' before you start your search.

In Gutenberg Research Elements you have basically two possibilities to find other users in the system.

You can specifically search for other users in the drop-down menu under "Reporting" → "Search" → "System Search". Another possibility is to call up your profile in the left column with the "Profile" button. There you will find a search field on the right side under "Find a colleague". Enter the last name of the person you are looking for in the input field below in order to receive corresponding suggestions. Thus, you can quickly and easily find users in the system.

If you search for specific entries (e.g. publications or research projects) in Gutenberg Research Elements, please note the following for the title search in the "System Search":

Certain title elements like

  • Special characters (e.g.: -, _, /, :, ;, ?, !)
  • Numbers in title
  • Language-typical special characters (e.g.: ^, ', `)

can sometimes cause the desired entry not to be output as a result of the search. If you encounter this problem during your search, try to use only a section of the title, ideally with as few or none of the problematic title elements as possible in the search query. If you still cannot achieve the desired result, please contact the support team and describe your problem there.